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Search vs. There's an Ai For That vs. The Ai Professional

These are the top 3 websites to find any and all software related to Ai (Artificial Intelligence).

We will be doing a side-by-side comparison to go over the Pros and Cons of each website and discuss the differences between each of them.

The First one is:

Future Tools. This website was created by Matt Wolfe, a YouTuber who focuses on technology with a recent emphasis on Ai Technology. He pushed out daily content and provides updated videos on all things Ai. is a directory for all the new Artificial Intelligence software that is being released.

The Pros:

- Up-to-date software being released

- Link takes you directly to the 3rd party site

- Descriptions for each software

The Cons:

- Too much software to choose from

- None of the software has been vetted

- Not very mobile friendly

The second website is: is a list of Ai software that is broken down by monthly releases. Each month there is a new Artificial Intelligence software released, and they add it to the website with a link.

The Pros:

- Up-to-date software being released

- Link takes you directly to the 3rd party site

- Every tool you could find

The Cons:

- No descriptions, No images

- Hard to find what you are looking for

- Not categorized by service or industry

The third website is: is a platform that hand selects the top-rated Ai Software to take out the hard work for their consumers. In addition to that, they provide Ai news, training, & applicable ways to implement Ai into your business.

It was developed by Kyle Onstott and his Digital Marketing Agency team and Marketing Empire Group (

The Pros:

- Hand selected Top Rated Ai software

- Training Program

- Implementable and actionable guidance

The Cons:

- The list is hyper-focused

- Specialized in business

- Easy to find what you need

If you are trying to just stay updated on all this new AI tech, The Ai Professional is definitely the best site to subscribe to and utilize. Make sure to check out each of the websites to do your own comparison and make your own conclusion.

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